Treatment Style

Generally I will tailor the techniques used specifically to you and discuss your preferences for treatment style with you during your initial consultation. Usually I use a combination of different techniques throughout the treatment. However, if you know for certain which style of treatment you'd prefer, or if you have any specific requirements do feel free to specify as such when sending your enquiry.

My treatments are:

  • Rooted in Thai Yoga Massage Techniques & Theory

  • Influenced by Western Remedial Practices

  • Primarily Floor Based (plinth/chair optional)

  • Fully clothed bodywork performed with or without oil

  • Suitable during Pregnancy (2nd trimester+)

  • Holistic, Inclusive, Informed.


Traditional Thai Yoga Massage (with or without oil)

Please see my statement on culture here

Traditionally, Thai Yoga Massage is performed fully clothed on a mat or futon on the floor, with blankets, cushions, bolsters and straps used to enhance the comfort of both the practitioner and the receiver. It is a wonderful combination of applied yoga, gentle stretching and acupressure massage techniques. It has been practised in Thailand for thousands of years, with roots in the northern Indian yoga philosophies, and traditional healing systems, as well as in Chinese medicine. I was particularly drawn to the holistic and spiritual aspects of this form of bodywork and find it a grounding and connecting experience to both give and receive. 

Benefits include: 

Reduced muscle tension - Greater flexibility in the joints - Enhanced circulation - 

Improved alignment & posture - Stimulation of the internal organs - Relaxation and a sense of tranquility. 


Holistic/Swedish Massage

The form of massage we are most familiar with in the west. Holistic Swedish Massage is a relaxing style of massage performed on a plinth by applying oil to the body in long strokes with varying pressure. 

Foot Massage

A full foot massage which works right up to the knees and lower legs, using oil, hands and a wooden reflex stick can take up to 1 hour. It is possible to reduce the time to have a 30 minute treatment, or to include an extended foot massage as part of a full body treatment. This style of foot massage is not diagnostic like reflexology, but it does cover all the reflex zones on the feet. 

Pregnancy Massage (Floor based/Thai Style)

Thai massage is easily be adapted for pregnant people. It is a full body massage carried out with the receiver lying on their side or leaning on to a beanbag, with a focus on relaxation and relief of aches and pains caused by pregnancy.. It can be done from the end of the first trimester right up until the end of the pregnancy.