Inclusive Massage and Bodywork

based in Bristol


To ensure everyone's safety during the coronavirus outbreak:

  • I’ll be wearing a mask, a visor, and using hand sanitiser before and after each treatment, and I’ll invite you to do the same. 

  • I’ll be limiting the number of clients I see per day. 

  • I’ll be changing all blankets on my between clients. You are also welcome to bring your own towel to lie on if you'd prefer.

  • I'll have the windows open to aid ventilation. 

I would ask anybody who is extremely vulnerable, isolating, or shielding somebody who is, to refrain from booking in for the time being. 

I hope to see you again soon. 

I am a massage therapist and bodyworker based in Bristol. It is my intention to create an inclusive, accessible, trauma-informed and safer space for all people to receive a personalised treatment which respects both their individuality and their personal boundaries. 


LGBTQIA+ Friendly ~ Trans Inclusive ~ Trauma Informed

Disability Aware ~ Body & Fat Positive ~ Cross-Culturally Responsive