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As a massage therapist myself, it hasn’t always been easy to find a therapist that could really satisfy my expectations. So, when my wife booked me a session with Laura for a Thai Yoga massage, I was cautiously optimistic that it would be effective, and having trained in basic Thai massage I had some idea of what was coming. Laura’s treatment blew me away. She is warm, friendly and put me at ease instantly. From the moment she made contact with me, I instantly recognised her well informed touch, sensitivity to pressure and understanding of the body. Intuition can be gained through the development of technique and anatomical study, but some possess an innate ability to know exactly what is needed; Laura is one of them. She pressed, mobilised and stretched me with amazing deftness and skill. As she worked, I could feel a sense of space in my body that I haven’t felt for some time and toward the end of the treatment I was filled with a profound sense of gratitude.Post treatment, my body felt light, supple and relaxed. I slept wonderfully and, in the days following, I found that I was thinking with more clarity, had more energy and was able to concentrate for longer periods. Writing a review has never been so easy. Quite simply, Laura is a special therapist. She has certainly made a long-term client out of me and I wholeheartedly recommend her. Amazing.


I've had one treatment with Laura so far and it was incredible. I have been suffering with lower back and left hip issues for over year, and the week after my treatment was the first full pain free week i've had since it all started. It's an intense style of massage, and new to me, but 100% worth it. Coupled with being pain free, i felt much more agile and strong - a huge relief mentally as well as physically after so long.


Had a great time being taken care of by Laura! The atmosphere she set up went perfectly along with her energy and the massage itself made me feel so much lighter. I really recommend her to anyone who needs a moment to focus on the well being of their body and a spiritual break. xxx


I suffer from severe back pain due to long hours standing at work, but after just one full-body massage session I felt like a whole new person. I remember how I could literally perceive energy being finally released and then flowing from my aching joints into and through my body. This experience gifted me with a pleasant feeling that lasted for days. Funny fact: at the end of the massage I actually fell asleep! Absolutely love it and can't wait for more!


Laura’s Thai Yoga Massage was without doubt the best massage I have ever had. In the past I’ve had sports, Thai (in Thailand), Swedish, Indian head, aromatherapy and hot stones massages, as well as reflexology and the Bowen Technique, and Laura’s knocked spots off them all. I believe she has a very special, deeply intuitive talent and I enjoyed the benefits of her work for weeks afterwards. Highly recommended. 😄


Had my first session last week and it really did me the world of good.  Gonna be booking another session in for this month!!


Laura has a natural intuition that connects with your body, mind and soul. You will undoubtedly leave her feeling nourished, rejuvenated and connected to yourself, she makes you feel so comfortable it really is magical. With just her hands she reminded me that nurturing myself is so important. I have had a few massages now with Laura and I have to say that I am 100% hooked! Regular and extremely happy customer here. Thank you Laura!