I firmly believe that massage therapy and bodywork should not be seen as a luxury, and should be accessible to everyone. I am hoping to offer further subsidised treatments or 'pay what you can' sessions via Inclusive Wellness, but for the meantime:


I offer treatments on three levels of pricing (standard, pay it forward and low cost) which vary by location. 

If those who can afford to pay more, do so, this makes it possible for other people to access treatment who may not usually be able to do so. There is no pressure to 'pay it forward' every time you book. 

Low cost appointments have been made available with the following people in mind: people who are currently unable to work or in hardship, students, in receipt of benefits, or with an annual income of under £17,000.

I won’t ask you proof of your income, but I respectfully ask you to please consider your need before requesting a low cost appointment. 

Fees at festivals are set by the organisers of the event and are often higher. 


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